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Hi, I’m Laura G. Arriaga, creator of ActandBe.

After more than 10 years dedicated to fashion and beauty communication, the time had arrived to create my brand. The sector that I had been passionate about since the beginning of my career does not adapt to my values in regards to the natural environment and the people as a whole. So, after many months of hard work, by November 2019 ActandBe is officially launched as the first ecological sportswear brand and 100% made in Spain.

Eager to make fashion have a positive impact, at Actandbe we design and create garments with the utmost care for the planet using sustainable materials such as organic cotton, organic bamboo fibre and recycled polyester, among others, without using materials of animal origin.

100% of our production is local. From the fabrics to the manufacturing of the garments, including labels and packaging. Everything is manufactured in Spain. In this way, we can reduce the carbon footprint of air and sea transportation to and from our warehouse. Furthermore, we can better control the production process; hence making sure that everyone who participates in the production of ActandBe products is being treated correctly and fairly. And, as a bonus, we support the textile sector in Spain, which has suffered substantially with the relocation of its fashion companies in the 2000s. Now we have the opportunity to reinvent it thanks to new sustainable fashion companies.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to live and work in various big Europeans cities like Florence, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid and Maastricht but Actandbe has brought me back to my hometown, Miguelturra.

Miguelturra has converted into ActandBe`s headquarters and it ́s located in La Mancha in the province of Ciudad Real. Here, in our town, slow life is a simple life and we want to make “slow” fashion, so there wasn’t a better place.

What does ActandBe mean? The origin of the name comes from the English word Active, because being active is being alive, daring, acting, being…

With our clothes, we want to encourage many women to move, live and lead healthier lifestyles. We design versatile garments, which can be worn inside and outside the gym, to make life easier since it already has its complications. We want to promote responsible consumption, that’s why we develop basic garments in many cases, patterns that work and designs that can be used for many years that goes beyond fashion. We believe in a society that consumes less and better.

To conclude, since the beginning of ActandBe, we will plant a tree for every order received on our website. This small effort will help us compensate for the little CO2 emissions of our business activity and to contribute to reforestation in different areas of the planet.

I believe in the power of companies to create work, wealth, culture and provide services to people but I also believe it can be done using a sustainable, eco-friendly, long term business model.

Each day, there are more and more companies joining the environmental movement bringing change to the world.

That’s why ActandBe was born as a brand in which transparency, respect for people’s work and environmental protection is paramount. It will not be easy to get it done, but, one things for sure… We are going to do our utmost best!

"I believe in a world where we consume less but better"

– Laura G. Arriaga –

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