Why are we sustainable?

A sustainable company involves developing a business model that can last in time without causing any damage to the environment. In the fashion industry, the choice of materials is key to reducing the
manufacturing impact, that’s why we select for our sportswear collection, organic and recycled fabrics that have a
reduced impact on our environment.

Another ecological problem we can identify in the textile industry is the super manufacturing of clothes that never get sold or used. To prevent this from happening, in ActandBe we manufacture in reduced quantities and design exclusive limited editions. We monitor the sale of our products and we only manufacture new batches according to customer demand. In this way, our production surplus is virtually non-existent. Finally, to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, we avoid transoceanic transport and manufacture our products locally. Our production process is fully developed in Spain. From materials to labels of clothing, everything is Made in Spain.

Minimal impact

ActandBe organic fabrics are selected with the utmost care so that they can provide support, freedom of movement and comfort while doing sport. Among them, we have used organic cotton that can save up to 80% of water compared to conventional ones. It also protects the cultivated soil and the people that work it by not using toxic pesticides and herbicides. Another type of fabric we use is RPET (Recycled Polyester) from Industrial waste. Nowadays, waste creation is currently a serious issue in the textile industry, so it’s important to make the most of the excess material from other brands to create new fabric. It’s a way of giving the piece of clothing, which is destined to end up in landfills, a second life.
Bamboo fibre is another of our naturally antibacterial fabrics that have a very low environmental impact since bamboo is very easy to grow and biodegradable. It needs 3 times less water than cotton and does not need the use of pesticides because it’s naturally protected.

And lots of trees

One of the reasons why ActandBe was founded is to create a company that encourages respect for nature and for that reason if something is not negotiable in our brand is to dedicate a part of the benefits to the planting of trees.
Trees are a fundamental part of the fight against climate change.

They absorb CO2 and return clean oxygen, regulate the temperature, they attract rain, they are vital in the maintenance of ecosystems and they are also an incredible source of food, energy and raw materials… this is what you call multitasking!
For all these reasons, ActandBe will plant a tree for every
order. How will we do it? Well, at the end of each month, we will count the total number of purchases made and we will donate the corresponding amount to the NGO We Forest, which is dedicated to repopulate different natural areas of the planet.

Buy less, dance more

Promoting a more moderate consumption is the only alternative in the fight against climate change. If we continue to consume at the current rate the planet will not resist much more. It doesn’t matter if the products are sustainable or not. That is why our idea is based on consuming less but consuming better.

We want to foster a society in which we buy fewer things but of better quality by reducing the consumption of unnecessary products and prioritizing quality over quantity. A society in which we reuse, exchange, repair and recover. This infinite paradigm growth is just not us.
So, buy responsibly and, whenever you can, buy less and dance more.

This is just the beginning

Being a sustainable company is a task that requires constant
update and change. We are aware that we must greatly improve what we are doing and how we are doing it. We also know that the green revolution has only just begun and that there is no turning back from it and that new possibilities appear every day on how to manufacture more ecological and how to use new techniques to recycle in an optimized way, new
ideas to get closer to the circular economy. The path to sustainability has not reached its destination yet.
It is impossible to be 100% sustainable, but we are working hard to try to reach that figure as quickly as possible. Would you like to accompany us on this trip?

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